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Break-out sessions

Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call Brokerage event, 23 March 2022

After project idea leaders have submitted their idea in the Project idea tool, they can schedule (a set of) online break-out sessions by using the button below (login needed). During these online break-out sessions ideas are clustered to research topics and potential projects and project consortia are further defined.

Although most of the sessions will probably be scheduled during the Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call Brokerage event, it is also possible to schedule these break-out sessions before and/or after this event.

If you are interested in joining a break-out session, click on the name of the break-out session and send a request to join. The project leader can then provide you access to the session. Please make sure to login in order to see the list of scheduled sessions.

Overview of scheduled upcoming break-out sessions