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Targeted challenges

Targeted challenges within Sustainable Industry

Within the larger scope of sustainable industry, that is covered by this Call, two areas of interest have been identified specifically by the national funding bodies supporting the Call:

Below you can find a list of topics, that are examples of technologies and application areas which could fit within the Call. Some of them are related to the focus areas, some are examples of the broader scope of sustainable industry. The mentioned areas are indicative and not exclusive.

Potential technical fields or strategic application domains:

  • Environmental monitoring and disaster management
  • New approaches for the energy sector, e.g. storage technologies and materials
  • Power electronics and power management
  • High-performance engineering for personalised products
  • Industry 4.0 for food production
  • Environmental protection and measurement
  • Decentralised technical intelligence
  • Marine and agricultural robotics
  • Digital twins for sustainable manufacturing
  • AI assisted training and assistance systems
  • Autonomous shipping
  • Management systems for lifecycle monitoring and operations
  • ICT architectures, platforms and standards for industry and logistics 4.0
  • High-performance manufacturing systems
  • Sustainable, secure and resilient interconnection of all stakeholders and systems
  • Cyber-physical production and logistics systems
  • Integrated sensor and secure communication systems
  • Technologies supporting the balance of sustainable energy generation, consumption, and storage
  • Sustainable smart factories through future connectivity
  • Utilisation and integration of various observation systems
  • Components, systems and architectures for distributed intelligence and low power data transmission
  • Space-earth-ocean sensing and data collection systems to monitor
  • ...and many more