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Brokerage area

The Brokerage area facilitates you to openly share your idea with others, improve it and find missing expertise/partners.
To make use of Brokerage area, you need to login with your Eureka Clusters portal credentials. If you are new, you can easily create an account in a few steps. If you have already participated in one of the previous Joint Eureka Clusters Calls (e.g. AI Call 2020 or AI Call 2021), you can use these credentials.

A manual is available to guide you through the Brokerage tool. In case you have any questions regarding the Brokerage area, don’t hesitate to contact us via

Project idea tool

Once logged in, the Eureka Clusters Project idea tool enables you to:

Please note that the use of the Sustainability Call portal does not require an NDA; make sure to share only public information.

Partner search

Are you looking for a partner for your project idea or your actual project proposal? You can use the Partner search to look for possible partners based on their expertise. When you have found an interesting contact, you can click on the contact and send a message, or invite this contact to join your project (idea). The Partner search tool only searches through contact profiles that include expertise. So get the most out of your profile by adding/updating your expertise and enable interested partners and project idea proposers to find and connect with you!

Brokerage event

In order to support you in shaping your project proposal(s) and identifying potential project partners to builld a strong consortium, the Eureka Clusters are organising an Online Brokerage event on Wednesday 23 March 2022. Registration for this event is free of charge. You need to login to be able to register.

More information on the Brokerage event can be found on the dedicated Brokerage event webpages.