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How to participate

If you wish to participate in the Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call 2022, you can either:

An overview of all ideas can be found in the Project idea tool (login needed).

Here below, you can find concrete information to optimise your participation in this Call:

Call tools

There are several tools and events offered to facilitate your participation in the Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call 2022:

Call timeline

The Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call follows a 2-step procedure including a Project Outline (PO) and Full Project Proposal (FPP) submission with the following timeline:

Eligibility criteria for project proposals

Project proposals for the Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call 2022 must meet the following criteria:

Any organisation whose collaborative industrial RD&I project is consistent with the above criteria can apply to the Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call. Funding could be provided by each funding agency after receipt of the quality label, in accordance with their national participation procedures, and subject to budgetary availability.

How to submit your Sustainability project proposal

The Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call 2022 is using a two-step submission process according to the timeline shown above and the following steps:

Eureka Clusters Sustainabililty Call 2022 Call process

The project proposals will be evaluated by the Eureka Clusters' experts, who will provide a quality label to the project proposals that are accepted. This quality label provides project partners the possibility to apply for Eureka Clusters funding at their national funding agency.

We strongly recommend that each project participant contacts their national funding agency (as early in the process as possible) and follow their advice regarding national funding applications in parallel to the proposal submission.

Choose your Cluster(s)
Clusters offer support to candidates all along the project submission, evaluation and subsequent monitoring process during the project’s lifecycle. When submitting a proposal, project proposers will have the option to indicate from which Cluster(s) they would like to get support. If a consortium considers that their project idea addresses two areas of Cluster expertise, they may select a second Cluster to jointly oversee their proposal.

The Eureka Clusters are focusing on:

The respective Clusters websites can also be consulted to learn more on the areas of expertise of each Cluster.

More information and access to the project portal can be found in the Project area.